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Miss.P. Vani (Manager)

The moment the word ‘education’ is heard the only thing that comes in mind is teaching or learning something. Education is considered to be the most important element/investment in converting the human resource as the human capital. Human resource is required to make a country more prosperous and developed.

Today education is not just being spread through books but many other ways have been discovered. One of them is internet which is a global network and provides information about everything. The electronic and other kinds of mass media has also made us connected with day today happenings in the whole world..

Students these days are taught through computer, by the videos to make the things more interesting for them. With modern technology getting more advanced day by day, there is an even greater need to introduce the child on, to this new dimension of education and try and build his interest in the same.

The most recent change in the education system is the continuous and comprehensive Evaluation System which is purposely introduced to reduce the increasing burden on the students. This encourages students to participate in various activities. This helps to show their talent and bring out their creativity. Grades are awarded to students based on the work experience, dexterity, innovation, steadiness, teamwork, public speaking, and their talents in other fields and as art, humanities, sports, music, athletics etc.

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