Our Approach

  • We at Wood Row Public School, firmly believe that education is a process of awakening individual potential to creative knowledge. It is also more about enlightening students with the wisdom which is absolutely priceless. Emphasis on a good character is more important in our approach rather than focusing upon a good career alone.
  • As we hold the little finger and guide the young ones forward, we realize our responsibility of nurturing their curiosity, igniting their minds to pierce the skies, helping them to discover the world of books and richness of experience, ponder on the small mysteries around them to master the magic of technology.
  • We further make our students not only observant as individuals, but also to help others rise as well, so that they work better in teams. In today's world of stiff competition it is also important that we teach them not to strive for unrealistic aspirations and to enrich them with high sense of morality.
  • We are of the view that problems and challenges need to be faced courageously with conviction in our principles and confidence in our inner strength and dreams. We urge them to dream lofty dreams - pursue them with enthusiasm, equip them with all the knowledge they need to fulfill them and awake the sense of responsibility so that they tread with purpose.

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